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Dear Sirs,

Our company, Benedicts ltd., has been able to establish numerous residential homes and office buildings in different parts of the country: in California, Florida, Oregon, New Mexico, Utah, South Carolina, Illinois, Kansas, Virginia etc. By using new technologies and having several years of experience in the ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ТЕКСТЫ И УПРАЖНЕНИЯ construction business, we are assuring you of excellent workmanship from start to completion of the project.

As the job includes a lot of detailing and price comparisons, we offer you a package price that can match the industry’s standards. Tailored to your needs, the quality and ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ТЕКСТЫ И УПРАЖНЕНИЯ service that we render will meet your expectations.

Feel free to contact us anytime should our service merit your interest.We would be extremely glad to discuss the details with you.

Yours faithfully,

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Прочитайте, ответьте на вопросы и инсценируйте диалог.


Western cultures intend to have ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ТЕКСТЫ И УПРАЖНЕНИЯ a monochrone time (mono=single / chrone=time). Time is used as a single line, where all events are lined up. Asian and African cultures intend to have a polychrone conception of time (poly=different / chrone=time). Events happen simultaneously in a polychrone conception of time.

Polychrone Time · no fixed ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ТЕКСТЫ И УПРАЖНЕНИЯ schedule · flexible · different tasks at one time · short term orientated Monochrone Time · has a fixed schedule · inflexible · one task at a time · long term orientated

Dialogue – When Two Time Systems Collide

Mr. Paul Rosen is the international sales representative for his construction equipment company. His most recent trip takes him ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ТЕКСТЫ И УПРАЖНЕНИЯ to China, where he is scheduled to meet his Chinese counterpart, Patrick Chang.

Mr. Rosen and his training team arrived in Beijing three days ago for a scheduled appointment with Mr. Chang. However, Mr. Chang has not invited Mr. Rosen for a business talk yet. Finally, a call to ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ТЕКСТЫ И УПРАЖНЕНИЯ Mr. Rosen’s hotel room indicates that Mr. Chang is prepared to meet him. When Mr. Rosen arrives at the location, he is asked to wait outside Mr. Chang’s office. In several hours Mr. Rosen is called in to meet Mr. Chang.

Mr. Rosen: Ah, Mr. Chang ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ТЕКСТЫ И УПРАЖНЕНИЯ, it’s so good to see you finally. Gosh, I’ve been waiting for days. Did you forget about our appointment?

Mr. Chang: Hello, Mr. Rosen. Please sit down. Is everything fine?

Mr. Rosen: Actually no … (Phone rings) … the problem is …

Mr. Chang: Excuse me … (Takes the phone and speaks in Chinese. In several minutes ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ТЕКСТЫ И УПРАЖНЕНИЯ he concludes the phone conversation) Yes, now … Is everything fine?

Mr. Rosen: Well, actually, I’ve got a small problem. You see, the construction equipment you ordered… (A staff person enters the room and hands Mr. Chang something to sign.)

Mr. Chang: Oh, excuse me… (signs the document) Yes, now ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ТЕКСТЫ И УПРАЖНЕНИЯ, is everything fine?

Mr. Rosen: As I was saying … all of the construction equipment you ordered is just sitting on a ship at the dock. I need your help in getting it unloaded. I mean, it’s been there for two weeks!

Mr. Chang: I see … This is no problem ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ТЕКСТЫ И УПРАЖНЕНИЯ.

Mr. Rosen: Well, if it sits in the heat much longer, it could be damaged. Could I get you to sign the document to have it unloaded by Friday?

Mr. Chang: There is no need for that. The job will get done.

Mr. Rosen: Well, could we set up some kind of ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ТЕКСТЫ И УПРАЖНЕНИЯ deadline? You see, I have the staff here waiting to train your people on the equipment. I need to let them know when it is going to be ready. How about this Friday? Could we do it then? My people are here now, and they’re waiting to begin training ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ТЕКСТЫ И УПРАЖНЕНИЯ.

Mr. Chang: Don’t worry. We have been living quite well without that equipment for years. If necessary, we could wait for several weeks. That’s not the problem.

There is little chance that Mr. Chang will sign any kind of document for Mr. Rosen. Mr. Rosen is ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ТЕКСТЫ И УПРАЖНЕНИЯ also distressed by the constant interruptions. Mr. Rosen is in too much of a hurry for Mr. Chang. Mr. Rosen is monochronic, whereas Mr. Chang operates from a polychronic time orientation.


1. What is a polychrone/monochrone conception of time?

2. Can you give examples of the countries with different time ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ТЕКСТЫ И УПРАЖНЕНИЯ conceptions?

3. Why are Mr. Chang and Mr. Rosen distressed?

4. Will they cooperate in the future?

5. Whose conception of time is similar to yours?

Раздел 3.2

Прочитайте текст и добавьте в него пропущенные предложения, выбрав их из перечня:

a. “In a country like Japan, the notion of personal space which we value ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ТЕКСТЫ И УПРАЖНЕНИЯ so much simply has no meaning,” he says.

b. In Asian cultures most of it takes place behind the scenes.

c. The difference between understanding a culture and ignoring its conventions can be the measure of success or failure abroad.

d. The Centre for International Briefing has spent 40 years preparing ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ТЕКСТЫ И УПРАЖНЕНИЯ the wary traveller for such pitfalls.

e. John Doherty, International Marketing Director with the Irish Industrial Development Authority, explains how you can easily talk yourself into trouble at a business meeting in Japan:

f . Greetings, gestures and terms of address are all potential hazards abroad.